Round Stitching Wire Manufacturer in Delhi, India
- Round Stitching Wire

The round Stitching wire is available in two forms i.e coils and Spools.

  • High stitching speed on all types of machines and stitching heads.
  • Protection of stitching head due to strong adhesive zink coating without layer of dirt.
  • The stitching wire is rust resistant with no deviation.
  • At every stage of processing , it is supervised by competent technical personnel to ensure utility.
  • The stitching wire coils are in straight length without joints & guage variations effectively avoiding wastage.
  • Stitching Wire Coils are packed in a high quality of polythene, to withstand any adverse weather conditions.
  • Adherence to Rigid delivery schedule

    These Stitching Wires are available in sizes as per individual requirement.Wires available with & without spools.

  • Coil packing : Manual coils are available in the size i.e 1.4 kg or as per customer requirements. Each coil is packed in the polythene and then in a bag.
  • Plastic Spool Packing : Spools are available in various sizes ie 2kg, 4 kg and 15 kg or as per customer requirements. Each spool packed in polythene and then in a carton.
  • Packing in Export worthy Cartons & as per requirement on palletization of cartons.
  • There are various sizes in round stitching wire i.e 18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26
  • Printing industry, magazine binding, catalogues, exercise books & notebooks, books binding, cheque books binding etc.